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Build semi-custom combinations tailored to meet customer needs with our 3D configurator

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Full range of furniture online around the clock with 3D home designer

That’s the power of Visual CPQ powered by VividPlatform™

Responsive room planning always available

Customers want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to designing, see all the available options and have various ways to confirm their purchase decision.

It starts by giving your customers access to your furniture range online around the clock, starting the purchase cycle on any device they choose to browse your embedded website, building semi-custom combinations tailored to their needs with our configurator.

In store, the configurator is your sales team’s star member, boosting confidence and trust during sales and elevating your salespeople to be respected experts. Communication is boosted and co-creation made easy when your sales staff have all the options at their fingertips online and build visually and intuitively with the customer.

Take a look how EM customers can start their purchase journey at home using VividWorks Visual CPQ tool

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Configurator slashes mistakes and returns

Help your customers to build the furniture of their dreams. Our 3D solution for the residential furniture industry streamlines your processes from design through delivery.

When the products are tailored to the level of satisfaction and the customer is ready for purchase, automated lists are generated with furniture details including parts, finishes and materials. Quoted correct, error free and ready for ordering, manufacturing has fewer bottlenecks.

Read how the VividWorks Visual CPQ solution turns customer into a bit of a designer via an intuitive program on Montana Furniture’s website.

Visualization from showroom screen to Virtual Reality

With your entire product range available instantly, you may find you need less showroom floor space. Because the solution scales to your changing business needs, you might consider taking visualization further with showroom screens to show off your configured furniture in high resolution.

If you wish, utilize Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to help boost customer engagement with your products – you pick which features serve your business best and when.

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