Marine and Offshore

Our Visual CPQ tool helps you digitalize and visualize sales activities through the entire sales process and more – improve communication and collaboration with customers and partners.

Essential networks of globally scattered design and engineering teams, customers, contributors and stakeholders mean efficient collaboration is key for sound decisions to avoid silos, delays and excess costs while maintaining high quality. Bring the wealth of knowledge together efficiently – Collaboration in real time with one platform where visualization reigns through every step of the process, from conception to delivery.

Configure and design cabins or products such as azipod, azithrust and other subsystems. Pre-defined configuration, one to one mock ups, save technical drawing time, boost communication with customers and production teams to support decision making and accelerate offer creation. Localized pricing helps dealers, sales people and others in the chain to avoid potentially costly mistakes and delays.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a unique and expedient way of validating a design concept while minimizing risk and potential rework. With VR you can walk around all areas of a vessel, right from the concept phase, and gain a better understanding of space with a true sense of depth and scale. Simulate and visualize areas to aid verification – decks, control room, cargo, loading and safety areas.

Validate proposals, share and comment online in collaboration with all your stakeholders – you just need a browser. Simulate functionality with configured animation for various systems  –  Azipods, winch systems etc.

With VividWorks visual functionalities and Visual CPQ, you can introduce a faster, streamlined sales process and more. After vessel construction, develop and support your maintenance and training processes with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. VividWorks supports visualization needs when and where you need it all along your chain.

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