Real Estate

Employ easier exhibition, better planning and comprehensive real estate management.

Digitalize spaces such as houses, apartments, technical rooms and public spaces in a quick, easy and cost-effective way.

Extend your reach

Finding the right piece of real estate is hard work, and going through all the options takes time, especially when schedules are difficult to arrange. But with the help of high quality visualization it is possible to browse promising premises wherever and whenever.

We help realtors reach larger audiences and provide the possibility to co-create in order to establish a more effective purchase commitment, even in undeveloped properties.

Pivot to digital

In addition, VividPlatform™ can be utilized in every step of property management from exhibition and selling to maintenance and decoration.

VividPlatform™ is a modern, digital tool for real estate management that benefits all participants in the different phases of the real estate life cycle.

A word from our customers: