3D Digital Showroom

VividWorks 3D Digital Showroom solution can place your products into a real lifelike environment where the customer can choose colors, sizes, and any other options, and view them with stunning visual quality.

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Eliminate the need for sample products

A common challenge for any company creating physical products is to have enough space to display them. Then there are the multiple product variations, which are often displayed in worn-out catalogs or as small and often pointless samples. VividWorks Digital Showroom solution can help you reduce costs by enabling your customers to discover your products and related information in a virtual environment. Products, variations, colors, sizes, prices… your customer can ‘play’ with all of them on any device using a web browser – connected As your customers can do this, the need to send and maintain sample products is obsolete.

Create an in-store Virtual Reality experience

If you are operating stores or showrooms, VividWorks Digital Showroom solution enables the creation of a Virtual Reality (VR) experience in store when combined with a VR HMD Kit. Here the customer steps directly into a super-realistic world where their solution is displayed on a 4K screen, and the customer can view products in a space in VR.

Digital Showroom at a trade show

Trade shows are a great way to engage your customers and partners, and to generate leads. In addition, virtual trade shows and events have become commonplace. VividWorks Digital Showroom enables you to showcase your products at a trade show booth, through devices such as tablets or VR Kits. Get an audience at a virtual event to learn about your products as they listen through sessions by publishing the showroom web app online.

Educate your audience with product info and animations

VividWorks Digital Showroom solution is set up so that products in the showroom are displayed in an environment where they would often be used or installed. With products such as heavy equipment or devices, customers often want to see how the product moves, rotates, or reaches, and this is where animations can be used. In addition, to counter potential objections and to help create interest, product 3D models can be associated with product data and specifications, and displayed as info points along with the view of the product.

Showcase products in a real-life environment

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