3D Product Configurator

Increase your product sales with a 3D Product Configurator solution for visualizing complex products, configuring their options and creating quotes.

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Complex products can be bought easier with visual configuration

If your business depends on customizing each purchase or deal, you already know that customers won’t buy your products unless they are confident that their needs have been taken fully into account.

With VividWorks, your sales reps, partners/distributors as well as direct customers can design and configure products conveniently and quickly.

Configuration in 3D works on any device, in real time using features such as drag-and-drop, helping you generate higher quality leads, shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster for complex products.

Automate Your Quoting Process

Create a seamless buying experience by offering guided selling capability for your customers which connects sales in store and online. Customers are able to view a product they are interested in buying with all the options and attributes in a real lifelike environment throughout the buying process.

Product configurations and designs can be created and saved as drafts, loaded, and shared – with accurate part lists and options, including pricing information. Prices from multiple price lists and currencies are always up to date as they are sourced from master systems such as CRM or ERP.

Quotes can be produced with all the needed documents and attachments such as product specs, visuals, lists and BoMs, and sent automatically to other back office systems.

Roll out new products in an easy and controlled way

The core input for any product configurator to work are 3D assets of the product and rules associated to correct product components, materials and options related to the product. With VividWorks, new assets and rules can be imported smoothly and managed centrally in a single location.

Integrate seamlessly to your IT environment

VividWorks 3D Product Configurator solution can work as a self-standing SaaS web app managed independently, or as integrated to various systems. Typical integrations include:

Embedding of the application to a public website or CRM system for creating a seamless user journey for customers, partners and sales teams.

Enterprise integration to push data to back office systems. Enterprise integrations with VividWorks are managed with an integration platform, enabling connections to hundreds of different enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, and PLM systems.

Enterprise integration to pull data from various back office systems – such as 3D assets, textures, product data, and pricelists.

Customer Story: Montana

VividWorks enabled Montana to increase sales with a Visual CPQ solution

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